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Seeking the Chalumeau

EAST WINDIES LOGO small.jpgTalking about early instruments, we came to  the CHALUMEAU…that elusive late 17th c pre-cursor to modern clarinets. Here is a handsome modern replica chalumeau in C, with enlarged bell.  It is likely that the originals…sadly difficult to find these days…. had a straight bore with no bell .  Images from (left) and (right)









In the beginning

It’s early days but we already have a great sound.  We were pretty surprised to like playing Cambini (1746-1825)…so much that we’ll probably try another quintet (he wrote 3) before moving on to Danzi and Reicha.  The dessert was great! (Pinterest recipe for lemon merinque pie)…..


CAMBINI   Guiseppe Cambini