Comment on Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy
Mary Baker Eddy (1821 – 1910)

Thinking about the relationship between Christian Science, the music of Prokofiev and the tenets of Judaism, one notable essay* about the personality and writings of Mary Baker Eddy stands out (Eddy founded the Christian Science religion in Boston at the end of the 19th century),  It seems she was a woman of incredible capacity and determination, despite lifelong ill-health.  That’s on the positive side.  The negative side is more interesting, however:

  1.  Her writings and beliefs are not exactly Christian, nor are they scientific.
  2.  Her thinking was hardly original, but derived from a competing “guru” of the time,   named Phineas P. Quimby.  (the name itself raises suspicions of charlantry!).
  3.  She was outrageously paranoid, and blamed the death of her 3rd husband on poisoning from enemies.
  4. In another sign of mental instability:  she told colleagues she wanted to be remembered as “mentally murdered”.

The fine line between genius and insanity?  I recommend the 2002 article:


Accessed 12.01.2018

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