Start of the Concert Spirituel

EAST WINDIES LOGO small.jpg The famous Opera House of Paris (Academie Royale de Musique) traditionally closed during religious festivals. This offered an opportunity for Anne Danican Philidor (1681 – 1728) to promote a new series of concerts:  the so-called Concert Spirituel.  The opportunity cost M. Philidor 1000 francs per year and a promise to present neither French nor operatic music, compliments of the Opera’s Impresario M.Francine.  Hugely successful between 1725 and 1791, the annual rent rose to 9000 francs by 1755.  The Concert Spiritual provided a huge boon for orchestral and instrumental music in France, as well as vocalists. Interestingly the celebrated older sister of Franz Danzi, Madame Francesca Danzi Lebrun, was among those who sang at the venue.  Next post:  more on the Philidor dynasty of musicians.  Just for now, here’s an image of Anne Danican (“Anne_Danican_Philidor”. En. 27.3.2016)


This post based on :  “A Dictionary of Music and Musicians/Concert Spirituel”. 27.3.2016.

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