What to Wear to the Concert Spirituel?

EAST WINDIES LOGO small.jpgIn 1820’s Paris, there was a “buzz” around the newly-fashionable wind quintet genre. So what would you wear to a Franz Danzi or Reicha concert at that most famous venue, the Concert Spirituel? (1)   Here are a couple of trending suggestions from the Empire Era:

EMPIRE FASHION 1812 OLD RAGS              Empire Fashion Men

(images above from www.world4.eu. 7.03.2016)


concert spiriturel

Tuileries Palace, site of the Concert Spirituel

 Image by Unknown. http://www.tuileries.org/page.php?id=bolladri%E8re.cote.cour. 19.03.2016
  1. The Concert Spirituel was a concert venue and one of the first public concert series in existence during the 18th Century (1725 – 1790). Later concerts were revived during the Restoration (1814 – 1830). “Concert Spirituel”.  En.wikipedie.org/wiki/Concert_Spirituel. 10.3.2016.












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