It’s Franz Danzi for Term 2

EAST WINDIES LOGO small.jpgOur East Windies study-repertoire for Term 2 includes some of Franz Danzi’s wind quintets. Edition Silvertrust comments that Danzi wrote for  “everyman – the average player – and not for players of a virtuoso calibre”. (1)  This is in immediate contrast to Reicha’s quintets, which can seem virtuosic by comparison.  Our initial plan is to compare Danzi’s first quintet written in 1821 (Opus 56, no. 1) with his last one, written possibly in 1824 (Opus 68, no. 3).  We’ll be looking for melodic and structural changes as Danzi settled in to composing in the quintet genre.  Of the final quintet, Edition Silvertrust writes:  “In many ways it is the summation of his art with respect to this type of composition: appealing melodies, concisely wrought with excellent part writing”. (2)  A very nice performance of Opus 68 by the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet is available on iTunes.

Franz Danzi Colour 
Coloured version of Danzi’s Portrait.  
Search by Image – Franz Danzi. 10.03.16
  1. “ Franz Danzi – Wind Quintet in d minor Op.68 No.3”.                     accessed 10.3.2016.
  2. Ibid.



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