More a Matter of Getting in on the Act….


We were fairly confused about which composer (Danzi or Reicha) published first in the new wind quintet genre of the early 19th century. In separate articles, the Double Reed Society indicates that 1) Danzi published first in 1821 (1); and 2) that Reicha finished publishing his series by 1820 (2).  Possibly an article in Editions Silvertrust has the right idea:  That Danzi “chose to write wind quintets after witnessing the tremendous financial success of Anton Reicha’s first set of such works published in 1817.” (3)    Looks like a matter of getting in on the act….(certainly reinforces our suspicion that Danzi was a cheeky fellow….see previous post “Pipped at the Post”)

Logo from Edition Silvertrust’s Facebook site: 8.03.2019
  1. “The Opus 56 wind Quintets of Franz Danzi”. 8.03.2016.
  2. “The 24 wind quintets of Anton Reicha”. 8.03.2016
  3. “Franz Danzi – Wind quintet in d minor, Op. 68 No.3” 8.03.2016

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